CheckMobile Lean Omnichannel Suite

What is holding back your omnichannel implementation?

Online is the fastest growing retail channel. In fact, if you are in fashion, consumer electronics, sportswear or furniture – even the foot traffic which appears to be traditional is induced by your online presence by more than a half.

Ironically, the biggest obstacle to fast implementation of omnichannel are highly efficient retail IT systems. The years invested in store process optimization today make it hard and expensive to rebuild them to new requirements.

Lean Omnichannel Suite is a powerful and flexible platform enabling retail chains to rapidly and economically deploy omnichannel business models and meet the requirements of today’s customers.

The platform provides:

  • Real-time consolidation of stock levels across stores and warehouses (GK, Navision and other platforms)
  • Automatic processing of your logistics network configuration and capacity to calculate local availability in each geographical area
  • Availability API or widget for your web site
  • Easy management of your logistics network (facilities, routes, times, schedules, cost, restrictions) though a web portal
  • Automatic selection of the best fulfillment scenario for each order, considering all merchandise sourcing options and available logistical services
  • Assignment and execution control of picking, packing, shipping jobs – on mobile devices and desktops
  • Forwarding and status tracking of transport requests to delivery service providers
  • Proactive problem detection
  • Automatic replanning
  • Dispatcher control

Parts of Lean Omnichannel Suite

Order fulfillment

Returns handling

Own delivery


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